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Career Assistance


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How do I get started?

We look forward to receiving a phone call or email from you to let us know what your need is.  After discussing your current situation and career goals, we will decide which service(s) will best suit your needs.  


  • RÉSUMÉ & CAREER DOCUMENTS: you will submit your career history and information through our specially designed career information worksheet.  Your writer will then send you draft résumé and/or career documents to review within 24-72 hours.  Next, you submit any additions or revisions you feel are necessary or that your résumé writer has requested.  Finally, your résumé writer sends your finalized resume and/or career documents and you start applying for your dream job.


  • INTERVIEW COACHING & PREPARATION: we schedule a time for interview preparation and/or a mock interview.  If you choose to do a mock interview, we provide immediate feedback and tools to overcome any challenges you may have.  We can help you prepare for a specific interview or develop a general interviewing startegy that fits your industry.


  • JOB SEARCH TECHNIQUES & TOOLS: we schedule a time to discuss your current job search strategies and develop a plan to diversify how you are looking for employment.

I already have a résumé. Can we use that for starters?

Yes, you can send us your current résumé to help us determine your personalized quote for the services your want.  Depending on your goals and what needs to be done (editing or a complete overhaul), we may have you complete our specially designed career information worksheet.  We have created it to help you brainstorm effectively, saving your time and money.


What if I don't have education/experience, etc.?

Your personalized Next Level Career Assistance résumé writer will develop a résumé format that works best for your level of education and experience.  


WHAT are "career documents"?

Career documents are the documents you will need when applying for positions.  They include: résumes, cover letters, reference pages and thank you notes.


What is a "mock interview"?

We prepare you for your upcoming interview by having you dress the part and go through an interview just as though it were the real thing! Based on the job description and information about the company, we will prepare questions and do a "mock interview" with you, take notes and then provide feedback on best answers as well as helpful suggestions.


What are the rates?

Your initial consultation is FREE!  For all services provided, we charge $35/hour. On average, the cost of a résumé is $175.00; however, this is dependent on each individual's needs.  After speaking with you about your needs, we will provide you an estimate of the cost.  We will always inform you when we are approaching the estimated cost and then determine how to proceed, if more assistance is desired.


What's the payment process (how, when)?

Once we identify your needs during the free consultation, we require a deposit of half the estimated cost of the services to be paid through PayPal. For résumés and career documents, the remaining payment is required prior to us sending you the final version(s) of the documents.


What's the turn-around time?

We respond to your inital inquiry within 24 hours.  At that time, we will determine what services best fit your needs and develop a timeline for when they will be completed.