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Getting To The Next Level

Résumés & Career Documents

Are you a recent graduate starting your career, or a seasoned professional seeking a promotion or possibly making a career change?  Whatever your situation is, we can help get you to the next level in your career.  



Your résumé is the most important document you need when seeking employment.  It is your number one marketing tool and your first impression to employers.  It needs to reflect your skills and qualifications in the best possible light to make you stand out from the rest of the applicants.  Our job is to do just that - to create a résumé that markets your skills in the most professional and convincing way. At Next Level Career Assistance, we work with you one-on-one to create the best résumé possible, making sure that recruiters and hiring managers know you are the ideal and most qualified candidate for the position, resulting in landing you the interview.


Cover Letters

Some recruiters and hiring managers read the cover letter before looking at your résumé.  Others only read it when your résumé has grabbed their attention and they are looking for more information (or red flags) before calling you for an interview.  Either way, the cover letter is another important document necessary when seeking employment.  Your cover letter should never be a summary or simple overview of your résumé.  Rather, it's your chance to explain more about you in a formal written manner, or possibly explain any discrepancies in your résumé that may lead the recruiter to question your qualifications. Next Level Career Assistance develops quality cover letters that add value to your application package.


Reference Sheets

Before hiring you, employers may check references to make sure you are who you say you are, and can do what you say you can do for them.  A professional reference sheet is the final document needed to complete your application package.  We make sure you have a professional looking reference sheet that includes all necessary information for the employer to be able to easily contact your references.


Thank You Letters

Sending a thank you letter after an interview will make you stand out from the rest of the competition.  Believe it or not, very few candidates actually take the time to do it.  Not only is it polite, but it shows the employer that you really are interested in the position.  A thank you letter gives you the chance to restate why you are the perfect candidate.  Additionally, it can impact the hiring manager's decision making to choose you.  We create thank you letters that do just that.


Interview Coaching & PREPARATION

By the time you are invited to an interview, the employer already thinks you could be the right candidate for the position.  All you have to do is prove that you are by showing them you really do have the skills you list on your résumé and that you will fit in with their team.  Next Level Career Assisstance works with you one-on-one to build your interviewing confidence by teaching you how to prepare for your interview and developing a personalized interviewing strategy.  Additionally, we offer mock interviews where we provide straight-forward feedback and tips for how to answer those tough interview questions.  


Job Search Techniques & TOOLS

The majority of job seekers spend the majority of their time applying to job postings found online; however, this is actually only one way to find your next position.  Your Next Level Career Assistance associate will work with you to develop job search strategies that maximize the time you spend seeking employment.  We offer tips and tools to help you diversify your job search strategy to uncover more job opportunities and increase the likelihood of finding employment faster.