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"I highly recommend Next Level! I worked with them on updating my résumé after grad school. I’ve had a lot of career counseling appointments over the years, but I had been hearing over and over how to put together a 1-page résumé for younger professionals. So when it came time to putting something new together that reflected my 10 years of experience, it was so valuable to get some professional input on (among other things) how to structure a longer résumé.  They also provided information which jobs are looking for longer résumé at this point in my career, as well as those industries that really do just want a 1-page résumé still. Plus, they were prompt and always reliable and the rates are very reasonable."

- Kelly B. 


"Next Level Career Services is fantastic!  They have helped me in several fields, including retail, volunteerism, graduate school, and education.  Most recently, they helped me reach my career goals as a teacher.  They helped me develop an appropriate résumé, when I did not even know there was more than one way to do it!  Most importantly, they really helped me fine tune my interview skills which led to two job offers in a very competitive field of applicants.  I recommend Next Level to all of my friends and family looking to advance their careers!"

- Kathy B. 


"I have always had a big issue with public speaking, and interviewing falls right into that category for me. I have worked with Next Level Career Assistance on multiple occasions. Not only have they helped me polish up my résumé and really make them stand out,  they have also been a tremendous help when it comes to interviewing. They helped me to prepare for the off the wall questions and reminded me of the important key terms and phrases that I wanted to make sure and get in during the interview. Overall they helped me to feel so much more confident when walking into my interviews. No matter how confident you are (or are not) it is always nice to have a fresh set of eyes and an unbiased opinion when it comes to preparing. I am so thankful for their help and will continue to use their services as new opportunities arise." 

- Danny W.


"If you need help on résumé writing or career assistance, I highly recommend Next Level Career Assistance! I reached out to them in February of 2013 and they gave me tips on how to make my résumé stand out, what recruiters are looking for and even some interview tips. Needless to say, I got the job and have been there ever since! It was really great to have a knowledgeable person that understands the industry with you each step of the way!"

- Kristen D.


"Next Level Career Assistance is AMAZING! They really understand the industry and take the time to know their clients. I have worked with other career service providers in the past and while they stress that it is important to customize your résumé and cover letter for each job, they seem to have cookie cutter advise for each industry. I was very impressed that Next Level Career Assistance invests the time into each client and each job they are applying for to really prepare the cover letter and résumé, as well as prep for the interview. Hopefully, I won't be looking for a job anytime soon, but it is reassuring to have such a great resource!

- Laura K.


"Next Level Career Assistance is incredible!! They have helped me several times to write résumés and cover letters. With their help, I have been able to start my career and change jobs to begin the career of my dreams. Next Level Career Assistance provided me with support through the whole process from résumé to cover letter (including grammatical corrections) and interview prep.  They also made my résumé specific to each job application. Thanks Next Level Career Assistance for everything!!"

- Meg B.


"Next Level Career Assistance has been an enormous help in getting my last two jobs. Before working with them, I really thought that I had a handle on creating résumés. Although the process of applying and interviewing for a new job was always a bit daunting, it wasn't something that I felt I couldn't handle. However, after the first time they worked with me on my résumé, I realized just how wrong I was. The level of detail and substance that they helped me create took my résumé to a whole new level. In addition, they helped coach me through my interviews. I walked in with more confidence than I have ever had, and both interviews went extremely well. In both cases I was offered the job and in one case I was actually offered the job without being asked any questions. The interview consisted of me asking any question that I had and an offer. When anyone I know is in the process of looking for a job/interviewing, I always recommend that they go see Next Level Career Assistance. Your résumé really is your first impression, and it needs to be memorable when there are multiple people applying for the same job. Next Level Career Assitance can help you make that happen!"

- Aleia W. 


"Next Level Career Assistance helped reformat and create my résumé to make it more desirable to employers. They were easy to work with and gave me detailed information about the changes made and why. They also guided me in how to incorporate more information into cover letters. I have received job interviews for every job I have sent my résumé to since receiving help from Next Level Career Assistance. I highly recommend their work and expertise."

- Veronica C. 


“I highly recommend Next Level Career Assistance to anyone who needs to have their résumé updated. They have done an outstanding job from start to finish through the whole process of totally revamping my rrésumé.  I now have the confidence to submit my résumé for new job opportunities, which highlight my most important skills and accomplishments clearly and concisely.  Thank you so much, I honestly could not have done it without your help!”

- Elizabeth S.


"I wanted to thank you so much for helping me bring my résumé up to date. It is now a concise and professional résumé that I am very proud of. The notes you entered were very helpful for my understanding of specific information.  You surely have a talent and I would recommend you to all of my family and friends. I wish you much success!"

- Cindy C.


"The résumé assistance I received from Next Level Career Assistance made all the difference in securing two different interviews, as well as two job offers.  I have been very pleased with their suggestions and professionalism in formatting and content.  Their eye for detail and making certain that every last bullet and font size is consistently accurate is so much appreciated.  They took my ordinary résumé and brought it to a level that not only looks appealing but exemplifies my achievements and accomplishments in a way that is simple to follow and intriguing to read.  I would highly recommend Next Level Career Assistance for their résumé services and expertise career service assistance."
- Jeanette M.